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What we say is often not what we do,
especially when it comes to investing.

Your risk profile defines how much risk to take when investing.

For too long, you have had to answer a long risk questionnaire with technical jargon to assess your risk profile.

No more! We use AI to ensure transparency and consistency.

Simply play our SquirrelSave Risk Profiler game. Our game assesses your reaction to wins and losses. Even how you make decisions.

And if you disagree with what SquirrelSave thinks of you, just tell us.

With more data, our SquirrelSave Risk Profiler will learn to predict better.


You are a conservative investor preferring to minimise risk and preserve capital.


You are a balanced investor who values capital preservation but willing to accept some risk for long-term asset appreciation.


You are a growth-oriented investor willing to accept capital risk for higher long-term returns.



You are an aggressive investor willing to accept high risks to achieve higher returns.

Very Aggressive

You are a very aggressive investor who believes that high risks bring potentially higher returns.


Note that the risk categories are just labels. In our AI-driven system, each client may have a different portfolio even if they may have the same risk category label.

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Assess your risk profile using our

SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM

When choosing between risks and rewards, what we say may not be what we do.
Play our innovative risk profiler game to assess your risk profile & win rewards!