Tell us your risk profile,
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At SquirrelSave, we invest by managing risks before chasing returns. That’s what smart investing should be.


Tell us your risk profile, SquirrelSave AI will do the rest

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Tell us your risk profile

Your risk profile defines how much risk to take when investing.

Traditionally, you have to answer a long questionnaire with technical jargon to assess your risk profile. But it’s not what we say. It’s what we do that matters.

Let our proprietary Smart Investing with SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM assess your risk-reward behaviour by what you actually do!

Based on your risk profile, SquirrelSave will design a diversified investment portfolio that generates the highest probable return over the medium to long term.

SquirrelSave will design investment portfolio that suits your risk profile

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SquirrelSave will calculate how much you should save to achieve your target goal.

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SquirrelSave manages your personal global portfolio and tracks global market conditions 24/7.

If SquirrelSave finds a better combination of investment products that is predicted to generate a higher return without increasing your risks, SquirrelSave will rebalance your portfolio automatically for you.

SquirrelSave AI will do everything for you

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