Squirrel Treehouse & KidSave

Better way to teach your child about money management.

Teaching your child
about saving money
in a fun way.

Learning how to save money needs to be coupled with practice.

Squirrel Treehouse explains money in an interesting yet simple way for kids to understand and recall.

KidSave becomes the platform where children put what they learn into practice. They can save their money into KidSave investment goal under SquirrelSave and start investing for their future.

Teach your kids about saving money with KidSave and Squirrel Treehouse

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About Squirrel Treehouse

Squirrel Treehouse is a tool for parents to talk about money and cover financial basics such as saving, spending and sharing — powered by SquirrelSave. There are interactive activity-based stories that allow parents to discuss financial concepts and values with their children using simple yet relatable examples.

The first instalment of Squirrel Treehouse features cute Acorn Squirrel Family character set — Mama, Dada, Sasa, Momo and Gigi. Mama is the ever-sensible mother while Dada is the responsible father. The Acorn children have different money habits - Sasa is the “saver”, Momo the “spender” and Gigi the “giver”.

Teach your kids about saving money with our e-learning activity sets

The inaugural themes in Squirrel Treehouse are:

Ebook 1: Counting Money

Teaching children about differentiating and calculating the total amount of money comprising coins with different denominations.

Teach your kids to count money at Squirrel Treehouse

Ebook 2: Needs Versus Wants

Starting a discussion between parent and child about what “needs” and “wants” mean for the family, which may be different across families.

Teach your kids about needs and wants at Squirrel Treehouse

Ebook 3: Saving, Spending, Sharing

Introducing the concepts of saving, spending, and sharing. Also consider the needs versus wants in budgeting decisions.

Teach your kids about saving, spending, and sharing at Squirrel Treehouse

Squirrel Treehouse allows children to see how much their money in KidSave goal has grown.
We trust this will motivate the children to save even more. This can be a good start of money-saving habit in children.

Acorn rewards are awarded by completing online quizzes and activities on each ebook. The Acorn rewards can be redeemed for various merchandise such as lanyards, plastic Acorn coin sets and Acorn Family character stickers.

Another fun feature is a digital avatar tool for children to enjoy creative mix and match versions of each Acorn Squirrel Family characters.

Be creative and have fun customizing Sasa's accessories

Be creative and have fun customizing Momo's accessories

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About KidSave

With KidSave, parents can now set up an investment goal for each child below 18 years old in SquirrelSave. Parents decide the risk profile setting for the KidSave goal.

Most parents park their children’s savings in traditional bank accounts — it's only giving us a meagre interest rate. Now we offer KidSave as a way to introduce our children to the globalised world of investments.

There’s no need for investment knowledge or any decisions. Simply set your risk profile and the AI will design and manage a personalised globally diversified investment portfolio using dynamic asset allocation and in real-time.

What's best, there's no minimum investment amount! We can get a global investment portfolio even for just one dollar! This is a good start for small investors, even for children — with our supervision and guidance, of course.

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SquirrelSave AI will do everything for you

Start smart investing with 3 simple steps. Then, sit back and relax!