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Get Huat this Chinese New Year with
SquirrelSave's Refer-a-Friend programme!

Refer a Friend Campaign

From now to 28 February 2022, invite your friends to join SquirrelSave and receive an SGD8 SquirrelSave Gift-a-Portfolio for every successful referral!

How it works:

  1. Login to SquirrelSave
  2. Click “Refer a Friend” at top menu bar to see a [URL Referral Link] and message to copy and send to your friend, to invite them to signup for an account.
  3. Receive an SGD8 GaP with each SquirrelSave account created using your referral link
  4. Your friends will also receive a 6-month rebate of SquirrelSave Management Fees as our welcome gift!

Campaign ends 28 February 2022.

Terms & Conditions

The Campaign

  1. From 19 Jan 2022 to 28 Feb 2022 (“Campaign Period”), SquirrelSave clients who successfully refer (“Referrer”) someone (“Recipient”) will receive a Gift-a-Portfolio (“Referrer Credit”) of SGD8.00 for each Recipient’s SquirrelSave account opened during the Campaign Period.
  2. The Recipient will enjoy a SquirrelSave Management Fee rebate (“Rebate”) if their account is opened during the Campaign Period.

For the Referrer

  1. The Referrer Credit will be made when the Campaign Period ends with the following settings:
    1. Minimum Investment Period: 1 month
    2. Risk Setting: Very Aggressive
  2. Steps to earn Referrer Credits
    1. Login to your SquirrelSave account & click on the [Refer A Friend] button. You will see a “Refer A Friend” [URL link] that is unique to you with this message:
      “Hi, open a SquirrelSave account with my [URL Link] & enjoy 6-months fee rebate 😊.”
    2. Send your “Refer A Friend” [URL Link] & message to your intended Recipient to invite him/her to open a SquirrelSave account.

For the Recipient

  1. Click on your Referrer’s [URL link] & complete the SquirrelSave account opening.
  2. Upon successful SquirrelSave account opening, you will enjoy a Rebate:
    1. on SquirrelSave Management Fees charged for 6 months, commencing from the Campaign Period end date;
    2. applicable only to Investment Goals created with net deposits made during the Campaign Period;
    3. made after 6 months have passed from the end of the Campaign Period;
    4. credited to your SquirrelSave account.


  1. This Campaign is open to any SquirrelSave client including those who successfully open a SquirrelSave account during the Campaign Period.