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Smart Investing with SquirrelSave

Smart Investing with SquirrelSave

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Why SquirrelSave?

Personalized risk-managed investment portfolio

Get your personalized risk-managed investment portfolio in real-time

SquirrelSave AI designs & manages your portfolio without human bias - using latest market data – with you in mind 24/7.

Investing in portfolio without any knowledge

No knowledge, experience or complex decisions needed

SquirrelSave AI manages and rebalances your investment portfolio automatically to target higher predicted returns matched to your chosen risk level.

Start investing with any amount with no lock-up period

Start with any amount with no lock-up period

Not enough money to start? SquirrelSave AI looks after you, even if you invest $1.

No more excuses! Top up or withdraw any time.

When investing, start early!

Start investing today to achieve your financial freedom

Start investing today for that dream house, holiday or your first 1 million dollars!

Use our Buildwealth calculator to decide your regular top-ups for achieving your desired wealth target. Or simply invest whatever amount you like. Learn more

Start investing today for an early and comfortable retirement

Retire by 40? That’s possible if you start investing today!

Use our RetirementSave calculator to decide how much to save depending on your chosen retirement targets. Learn more

Start investing for your kids' future

Plan a good future for your kids!

Use our EducationSave calculator to decide how much to save to fund your child’s education. You can also start investing for your child using our KidSave goal. Learn more

SquirrelSave AI will do everything for you

Start smart investing with 3 simple steps. Then, sit back and relax!