Invest S$1,000 & get health
benefits at preferential rates

Enjoy a complimentary SquirrelCare membership
by investing at least S$1,000 into SquirrelSave.

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Introducing SquirrelCare

SquirrelCare is a digital health service that provides members convenient access to healthcare providers when needed.

SquirrelCare aims for real time verification of members' healthcare benefits and approval of medical expenses to offer positive customer experience and good cost management.

Featured service providers in SquirrelCare network:

SquirrelCare Member Benefits

GP Consultation

Unlimited visits at S$13 (before GST)

Executive Health Screening

Unlimited visits with up to 10% off

Dental Treatment

Unlimited visits at preferential rates

Specialist Services

Unlimited visits at preferential rates

Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment packages at preferential rate

Invest S$1,000 & get a complimentary SquirrelCare membership.

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Terms and conditions


  1. Individuals aged 18 and above.
  2. Individuals below 18 must be enrolled by their parent/guardian.
  3. Existing SquirrelSave clients who:
    1. have total deposits of S$1,000 or more in a single or across multiple goals;
    2. top up an existing SquirrelSave goal(s) to S$1,000 or more.
  4. New SquirrelSave clients who deposit at least S$1,000 into one SquirrelSave goal or across multiple SquirrelSave goals.


  1. SquirrelCare is a yearly renewable membership.

Deposit Calculation

  1. The required minimum S$1,000 is calculated based on total deposits on a per client account basis. This means that a client can have multiple goals that add up to S$1,000 or more.
  2. Deposits placed into the SquirrelCash, the client's SquirrelSave cash holding account, will not be counted to determine the eligible deposit amount.
  3. Eligibility is based on actual total sum deposited. No impact from asset value movement.
  4. You will qualify to receive the SquirrelCare membership after your SquirrelSave cumulative deposit hits S$1,000 or more. For example, if a client account has at total deposit of S$500 on 2nd Jan 2020, and a top up of S$500 is done on 5th Jan 2020, then the SquirrelCare membership will be awarded to the client on 7th or 8th Jan 2020, when the monies are fully invested into the goal/goals.

Using the SquirrelCare Membership

  1. You will receive a welcome email from SquirrelSave that contains a SquirrelCare e-card. The e-card should be presented to the SquirrelCare service provider to enjoy the benefits offered.
  2. Any payment of charges not covered by the SquirrelCare benefits should be made directly to the service provider. SquirrelCare is not liable for any outstanding payments owed to the service provider.

SquirrelCare Membership Benefits

  1. Currently, SquirrelCare members can enjoy the following benefits:
    1. Preferential S$13 consultation fee (before GST) at Parkway Shenton and Healthway Medical general practitioner clinics. Medication and other items are charged separately and are payable by you.
    2. Preferential rates for health screening packages, chiropractic treatment packages, and dental treatment.
  2. The list of doctors and health screening providers along with the benefits descriptions can be found here.