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Tell us how much you want to save and what are you investing for.
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You can change the assumptions and decide what is most comfortable.


The simplest way to start. Decide how much you want to invest and your preferred risk profile. SquirrelSave will do the rest.


Grow your financial wealth by investing globally. Simply tell us your investment time horizon and how much you want to invest.


Few people think about retirement savings. But the sooner you prepare for it, the more likely you will be able to retire early.



Education is a wonderful gift for any child. Why not start early? After all, it may be quite many years more before you need to use the money.


Open a global investment for your kids. Let them start a habit of saving from young, while learning from interactive financial literacy platform, Squirrel Treehouse.


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SquirrelSave manages your personalized portfolio 24/7 with no human intervention
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