We use Artificial Intelligence (AI)
to manage risks before chasing returns.

That’s what investing should be. Not “speculating” or "gambling"!

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At SquirrelSave,
we believe investing
should be done right.

People say they invest. But they are actually speculating or gambling.

Investing is about deciding your risk before chasing returns.
But humans can't manage risk, real-time 24/7.


SquirrelSave uses AI to
manage risk before chasing returns

That is what investing should be, not "speculating"
or "gambling"!

SquirrelSave manages
your personalized portfolio 24/7
with no human bias

Always focused on your risk profile and yours alone.


We Are More Than A Robo-Adviser

Typical Robo-Adviser

Human Kitchen

Pre-made portfolios. Static. Periodic.

Typical robo-advisers have a human kitchen chef
who makes the final investment decisions



Digital Kitchen

Personalised. Dynamic. Real-time.

In our digital kitchen, our AI machine makes
the final decisions.

We are different.

We are fully AI

At SquirrelSave, we have trained our AI machine with more than 12 years of data.
Our technology is used by many financial institutions.
We use our proprietary SquirrelSave Risk Profiler to measure your risk-reward behaviour.

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