Invest with SquirrelSave and enjoy your perks   Promotion

Gift a hongpao of life for your kids! Receive S$8 when you start a KidSave goal with promo code “CNY8”

Usher the Year of Ox with a gift of life for your children! Instead of hongpaos, start a KidSave goal for your children and watch their hongpao monies grow!

Best of all, access our Squirrel Treehouse for free and inculcate them the importance of savings and investing!

Exclusive to new-to-SquirrelSave customers only - get a S$8 deposit into your SquirrelSave account when you open a SquirrelSave account and start a KidSave goal with the promo code “CNY8”.

*Terms and Conditions apply


KidSave CNY Promo

Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. A-new-to-SquirrelSave customer is eligible to participate in this KidSave CNY Promotion (the “Promotion”) and such participation is deemed as full acceptance of Terms and Conditions herein, and of any pursuant amendments thereof.
  2. Customers must be a new / first-time SquirrelSave applicant and the SquirrelSave account must be approved by SquirrelSave to qualify for the Promotion.
  3. Participants in this Promotion are deemed to consent to SquirrelSave creating a special KidSave investment goal in their SquirrelSave accounts.
  4. Eligible customers who meet the terms and conditions herein (the “Client”) will receive a one-time SGD 8.00 deposit (“SquirrelSave Reward”) from SquirrelSave into a special “Acorn Goal”
  5. The KidSave goal will adopt the Client’s default risk setting at the Client’s SquirrelSave account was first set up and all proceeds in the KidSave goal will be invested accordingly.
  6. The “SquirrelSave Reward” and any subsequent deposits of similar nature by SquirrelSave into the Client’s KidSave goal may be done at SquirrelSave’s discretion and will be subject to a 12-month (calculated as 365 calendar days) “Holding Period” starting from the date of the first deposit into the KidSave goal or any such period/amendments SquirrelSave may set from time to time.
  7. For avoidance of doubt, no deposit or withdrawal can be made into/from the Acorn Goal / KidSave investment goal set up in the Client’s SquirrelSave account for the Holding Period referred to above.
  8. The Client accepts that the KidSave goal assets will carry investment risks during the Holding Period like any other similar investments, and all risks and liabilities thereof are the Client’s responsibility.
  9. After the expiry of the Holding Period, the Client will be allowed to access the proceeds of the Acorn Goal / KidSave investment goal, deposit or withdraw.
  10. Once the KidSave investment goal is set up for the Client by SquirrelSave, the Client is eligible to receive other SquirrelSave Reward(s), whether in the KidSave investment goal set by SquirrelSave or other relevant disclosed facility that may be set up from time to time by SquirrelSave for the Client.
  11. The limitations set for this Promotion are (i) account applications must be submitted no later than the close of business on 28 February 2021; and (ii) open to the first 500 SquirrelSave accounts approved.
  12. SquirrelSave reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion at any time.
  13. In the event of any disputes pertaining to this Promotion, SquirrelSave has the final rights to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, and any decisions taken by SquirrelSave thereof will be final.