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Celebrate National Day and Get S$18 from SquirrelSave


To celebrate National Day with our fellow Singaporeans,
SquirrelSave is giving away SGD18 SquirrelSave Gift-a-PortfolioTM*!

Terms & Conditions

  1. From 1st to 31st August 2022 (“Promotion Period”) all new and existing SquirrelSave account clients, are eligible to participate in this Promotion covering 4 consecutive weekly periods.
  2. Each S$1,000 or more Deposits transferred into a single goal (portfolio) by the 1st 200 clients each week will be entitled to receive an S$18 Gift-a-PortfolioTM. The Gift-a-PortfolioTM will be sent via email to the client for claiming, 1 month after each weekly period (click this link to understand more about Gift-a-PortfolioTM).
  3. Each Gift-a-PortfolioTM reward to be claimed will have a minimum 3-month lock-in period, with an assigned Risk Profile that matches the goal (portfolio) that the client deposited into.
  4. S$18 Gift-a-PortfolioTM rewards to be offered will be limited to one per client for minimum $1,000 Deposits to a goal (portfolio) for each weekly period.
  5. Qualifying S$1,000 or more Deposits for each weekly period to a client’s created goal (portfolio) must be received by the last business day of each weekly period during the Promotion Period.
  6. If the client makes deposits of minimum S$1,000 amounts to more than 1 created goal (portfolio) during any weekly period of the Promotion Period, we will select lowest Risk Profile goal, as Risk Profile to be assigned for S$18 Gift-a-PortfolioTM to be offered.
  7. Investors who are not an existing SquirrelSave client, but wish to participate in this Promotion, may sign-up for an account at . After successful account approval, you may transfer S$1,000 to a created goal (portfolio) during the Promotion Period to qualify for one of the 200 weekly S$18 Gift-a-PortfolioTM rewards.
  8. All qualifying S$1,000 or more Deposits to a client’s goal (portfolio) during the Promotion Period must be new Deposits received from the client’s bank account, not transferred from the client’s existing SquirrelCash balance.
  9. All clients must confirm their acceptance of the SquirrelSave Gift-a-PortfolioTM and meet all relevant regulatory and compliance conditions as outlined in the SquirrelSave Account Opening Agreement.
Click here to open your account and redeem your Gift-a-Portfolio!

What is SquirrelSave?

SquirrelSave is an automated digital investment manager that's 100% AI-powered, 100% data-driven. SquirrelSave AI works 24/7 to curate, diversify and rebalance your portfolios for the highest targeted returns according to your risk profile. No stress nor investment knowledge is needed – SquirrelSave AI does the heavy lifting for you!

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